Reaction Zone - This one's for the children

As part of the run-up to Raw's 25th anniversary show on January 22, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, & the New Day appeared on The Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night, and Fallon got them to play "Lip Sync Battle", a popular feature on the show which has since spun off on its own on cable.

Fallon teamed with the New Day on Boyz II Men's 1st big hit, 1992's "Motownphilly". While Triple H wanted to do Metallica's "Seek & Destroy", partially because he's a metalhead at heart and partly because of the nature of his character through the years, Stephanie won out with "How Far Can We Go" from "Moana", one of the Rock's recent hit films. HHH's reaction was priceless, but he came through in the clutch, although the Princess could've knocked this one out of the park by herself. Yes, this was rehearsed.

As a result of the former Authority chalking up another unofficial win for Raw over Smackdown, Fallon will be in Brooklyn for Raw 25, per a deal with HHH & Stephanie. You have to figure Stephanie wanted to do this one for her daughters, and assume she DVR'd the Thursday broadcast.

This is one they'll all look back on come Monday and have a few laughs over......

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