Reaction Zone - Global Force goes back to the future----or at least tries to

If you've been watching Impact the last few weeks, you know that Bruce Prichard was slowly turning heel. That seemed to be rather obvious on this week's episode when he decided to pull an Eric Bischoff and award the Global Force World title back to Bobby Lashley after Alberto El Patron had been stripped of the title. The fact that El Patron had been stripped was news two days prior. However, Prichard lied to the audience and said, even using Alberto's real name in doing so, that El Patron had vacated the title.

But, instead of Lashley, enter Jim Cornette.

After all the time he'd spent on his podcast bashing Anthem Sports & Entertainment, GFW's parent, Jeff Jarrett must've convinced Ed Nordholm to throw some serious cheddar Cornette's way to bring him back for a 2nd go-round as an authority figure. Maybe Jarrett promised he wouldn't re-hire Cornette's mortal enemy, the enemy of the business, really, Vince Russo, I don't know, but there was Cornette, grey hair and all, and, yes, he's gotten plumper since he left Ring of Honor 5 years ago, luring Prichard into a false sense of security, but as soon as Prichard decided Cornette couldn't stay, the "Louisville Slugger" turned the tables, and "fired" Prichard.

My first question in my head Thursday was, how soon before Bruce's brother, Dr. Tom Prichard, comes along to mediate this dispute between old friends? Nah, just had to get that out there.

Bruce Prichard had a screaming match with Karen Jarrett on his way out, so it stands to reason that Cornette is the Jarretts' choice to be their proxy in the ring and mete out corporate decisions on title changes, punishments, etc., especially after Prichard had effectively screwed Moose out of the Grand Championship, which in turn suggests that he's in EC3's pocket, with Ethan Carter III being a poor man's Ted DiBiase, Sr., and, I might add, still failing.

GFW is doing tapings through August 22. Why bother? Why not just try to go back to doing a live, weekly show, as long as Cornette is there to help supervise? You don't run the risk of story-altering injuries if you don't tape in advance as far as GFW intends (up to 12 episodes), through Bound For Glory.

One step at a time. Rome wasn't built in a day. Cornette's right about one thing. Anthem is a corporate novice in the wrestling business. Don't bother giving him a script. Let him just go off, and maybe the ratings go up. What could be worse? Oh, yeah, that Russo fellow. Toxic waste couldn't be worse than that.

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