Reaction Zone - How petty can one man possibly be?

Ok, so the New Day became the longest reigning tag team champions of all time in WWE/F history on Monday night.

In the words of Shania Twain, that don't impress me much, especially when you can read between the lines.

If you want the real reason why the triad of Big E., Kofi Kingston, & Xavier Woods broke the nearly 30 year old record held by Demolition (Ax & Smash), it isn't because they're the most talented team of this generation, although some could argue that point. No, the fault lies with----wait for it----Vince McMahon.

You see, Ax (Bill Eadie) & Smash (more specifically, Barry Darsow, who was the 2nd man to essay the role, according to the Wikipedia bio of Demolition) are among a slew of plaintiffs named in a class action lawsuit filed by ambulance chaser Konstantine Kyros. Seems I recall writing in this space that casting lots with Kyros would end badly for the plaintiffs in the eyes of McMahon. In Demolition's case, that certainly is true.

The New Day's 2nd title run could've and should've ended a lot sooner than this, but while Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows have repeatedly been made to look like fools, despite their own glittery resume in Japan, and while the New Day have had their way with the entire division, the decision to go for the record was strictly Vince's call, based on his petty, prickly, vindictive nature. I'd say he would be the most thin-skinned man in America, but that's not true anymore. His pal, President-elect Donald Trump, holds that distinction.

In other words, for the 2nd time in as many years, the record book has been rewritten at McMahon's command to salve his bruised ego over a petty dispute with a wrestler or two. Last year, Nikki Bella, despite being inferior in terms of overall talent, was pushed as the longest reigning Divas champ of all time, surpassing AJ Lee, who'd left the company earlier in 2015. McMahon's issues with Lee's husband, CM Punk, are well known, and, again, McMahon's vindictive nature got in the way of business. One more reason that the insane chairman has to finally step down and let Triple H and Stephanie take full control of the company. That would, for lack of anything else, settle everyone's nerves.

So what happens next for New Day? The title run either ends at Roadblock on December 18 against Cesaro & Sheamus, or McMahon will keep the train going to 500 days as champs for New Day, to set a seemingly unreachable mark. For now, anyway.

Personally, I'd rather let Anderson & Gallows finally win the titles, as it was meant to be, so they could join AJ Styles atop the mountain. But that's just me. Your actual mileage may vary.

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