Reaction Zone - Mayor Kane?

A year ago around this time, I had written a column on the prospect of Terry Gerin, aka Rhyno, being elected to public office in his home state of Michigan. As you're doubtlessly aware, Gerin failed in his quest.

And, then, there is Kane.

Glenn Jacobs has been with WWE for 22 years, first as Dr. Isaac Yankem, "personal dentist" to Jerry Lawler. Then, as Diesel 2.0, and, finally, as Kane, the role with which he's had the most success. Kane has evolved over the years, from a mute man-monster, to a more verbose one, as the personality of the man behind the monster gradually began to emerge in the character.

Earlier this year, Jacobs decided to run for Mayor of Knox County in his home state of Tennessee. Like Rhyno before him, Jacobs has had the support of his friends, including former tag team partner and current Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan, helping him on the campaign trail.

Then came Raw on October 16. Three weeks before the election, Jacobs was back in the ring as Kane, costing Roman Reigns a cage match vs. Braun Strowman, and finding himself being added to what is now a 5-on-3 handicap TLC match at TLC on October 22. As I wrote last time, that shouldn't take place, as some observers believe Kane is being used so that Miz doesn't have to do the job, which is wrong on several levels. Miz has been on the main roster for 12 years, and doesn't need to be protected any longer. The self-professed A-lister (he's really a P-lister in this writer's opinion, as in, poser) seems to have gained favor with Vince McMahon, hence his refusing to give up the Intercontinental title. I already outlined what should be done to punish Miz for this latest act of selfishness last time. As for Kane, it's just a case of being a company man being asked to do a favor for the big kahuna right before the election.

But what if Jacobs wins on November 7? I think you say good-bye to Kane for the duration, and perhaps forever, we don't know. And, just like Rhyno a year ago, the opportunity is there. The monster can give way to the man, and begin the next chapter of his life.

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