Reaction Zone - Not even the nWo thought of something this good

We know that the Bullet Club models itself after the nWo & DX, dating back 21 years of wrestling history. Unlike the self-serving aging millionaires of the nWo, however, there are members of Bullet Club who have some ideas about the future.

One of them, you see, is self-funding a live event with up to 10,000 fans in the US.

The Young Bucks and ROH champion Cody are planning to work with Ring of Honor to make this happen sometime in 2018, and it stems from a conversation the Bucks had with noted wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer earlier this year. You've got to give these guys credit for ingenuity. Some of the sites are on the West Coast, close to the Bucks' home in California, but why not an East Coast site? ROH hasn't yet played in my market, although Cody, also the Northeast Wrestling champ at last check, worked a minor league ballpark in the hometown in July, one that routinely can seat over 6,000 fans for a ballgame. if Cody's angling for Albany's Times-Union Center, which hasn't had a sold-out crowd for even a WWE show in years, and can seat up to 16,000 people with the tarp taken off the upper deck, he & Sinclair Broadcasting, which owns ROH and 2 upstate TV stations, could use a little help from area businesses.

I'd not be surprised to later read of an online fund raising effort, if it comes to it, but this is something you can't hate on Bullet Club for. Unlike the nWo, they're willing to give back to the business they love so much, and that is 2 Sweet. Period.

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