Reaction Zone - The Turk comes a'callin'

Less than a week after back-to-back losses to Asuka at TLC and on Raw, Emma (Tenille Dillashaw) was cut by WWE. And she wasn't the only one.

Summer Rae and Darren Young had spent large chunks of time on the DL, and both were cut as well, even though Young had been on the road in recent weeks.

Bear in mind that with the fall European tour starting on November 1, WWE could've kept Emma around long enough to finish the tour. As it is, there isn't all that much depth on the Raw women's roster now. Consider who's left:

Alexa Bliss (champion)
Mickie James
Alicia Fox
Sasha Banks
Dana Brooke
Nia Jax

I had read of people complaining about WWE Uncreative already screwing up the works with Asuka right off the bat. Vince McMahon and his houseboy, Kevin Dunn, have zero clue on how to properly utilize a lot of the talent that has been called up from NXT, which tells you exactly what's wrong behind the scenes.

Emma would've been in line to be on Team Raw for the women's elimination match at Survivor Series, but it looks like we'll get Alicia (team captain), Sasha, Bayley, Asuka, & Mickie vs. Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Tamina Snuka, Carmella, and Naomi. Dana has to have gotten the message with her countrywoman Emma gone, that she could be next.

Darren Young had made headlines about four years ago after coming out of the closet. You can bet he'll land someplace else, else GLAAD will have a problem. As for Summer, she was last seen at the Mae Young Classic over the summer (no pun intended), her first appearance on WWE-TV since going on the DL several months back. Summer (Danielle Moinet) likely will also land elsewhere, as will Emma. They know Impact Wrestling would happily take them in, but Japan's also an option.

So far, we can only speculate that this was money related, as they wanted to cut costs prior to the European tour, but figure that the usual sites will have reports within the next week that will have the familiar ring to them. As in, creative has nothing for Young & Summer, and Emma likely was in the doghouse anyway.

Still, getting cut on a Sunday really sucks.

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