Reaction Zone - The downside of advance taping

I'm sure you've read by now that Alberto El Patron is in trouble again.

A domestic incident in Orlando last week has the Global Force champ in hot water, and, as more information comes to light, GFW Chief Creative Officer and founder Jeff Jarrett was left with no choice but to suspend El Patron earlier today, indefinitely, despite the fact that there are nearly 2 months of episodes in the can to be aired.

Unlike the imbroglio that short circuited Shawn "Hotstuff" Hernandez's last go round with what was then TNA, El Patron will not be edited off television, according to Jarrett.

They tried doing a live weekly show 7 years ago to go in direct combat with WWE and try to revisit the Monday Night Wars. That was an epic failure, one that Jarrett doesn't want to try again, but, as WWE demonstrated in taping Smackdown 2-3 days in advance, prior to the show shifting to a live Tuesday format last year, taping Impact up to 3 days before broadcast every week works best. That way, a quick resolution to the El Patron problem would have already been in hand.

And isn't Anthem Sports supposed to be flowing in cash, unlike Panda Energy? After 15 years of the same tired, bumbling business model, you'd think a change is in order. But, no. Couple l'affaire El Patron with the ongoing legal issues with the Hardys, and Anthem's created a bigger mess than the one they cleaned up. It's not helping that El Patron's squeeze, former WWE Divas champ Paige, was outed by Josh Mathews on Impact last week as being in attendance, and supposedly went undercover at Slammiversary on July 2 wearing a Dos Caras mask in the stands. WWE wouldn't mind being rid of Paige themselves, but there's the small matter of a movie bio being produced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that's in production. Once that's done, then Paige can wave goodbye to WWE.

Alberto El Patron burned his briges with WWE when he was released the 2nd time. He may have torpedoed Paige's American wrestling career, for all we know. For a man with Lucha Libre royalty in his blood,, he tends to behave too much like the Ugly American when the cameras are off. But you already know that.

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