Reaction Zone - The height of cowardice

When Vince McMahon made the decision to put the WWE title on The Miz back in 2010, it was largely because Miz had worked so hard to perfect his smug, smarmy persona, created on MTV's "The Real World" a few years earlier, and after 5 years as a regular member of the main roster, he had earned his chance.

Unfortunately, while he didn't need any help as US champion, Miz was saddled with credibility issues as NXT season 2 protege Alex Riley was at his side through his WWE title reign.

Right now, it feels like deja vu.

Miz is currently the Intercontinental champion, and, contrary to his claim of making it more prestigious (Cody Rhodes did a better job with that claim), he really isn't, as his wife, Maryse, has become more of an albatross, just like Riley was in 2010-11. Her blatant interference helped Miz at Backlash, resulting in a tainted win over Dolph Ziggler. Then, on this week's Smackdown Live!, Miz raised the ante in terms of cowardice and lack of credibility. He is demanding that his contract be renegotiated, and refuses to defend the IC title until that happens.

Well, guess what, Miz? That should not be allowed to happen, because this can be turned against you. How? Real simple.

What should've been done, as Miz was hardballing Daniel Bryan, was Shane McMahon returning and enforcing his power as commissioner. He could, if he chose, reverse the result of Backlash and disqualify Miz for interference. Or, in this case, since Miz is being irresponsible, Shane could strip Miz of the title for Maryse's actions and/or revoke Maryse's ringside priveleges, and force Miz to defend the title as soon as the September 20 episode, and no later than No Mercy, vs. Ziggler.

How I'd book it? I'd ban Maryse from ringside for the rematch, and for all future matches, under penalty of suspension. For all of Miz's claims to be an "A-list" actor, he's really a C-lister, as in, making direct-to-video or made-for-cable movies and commercials, and his inflated sense of self-worth and entitlement is getting him into trouble. Factor in Maryse's rap sheet from her previous run, and, well, there is a case to have her removed from the picture.

Using the negotiations as leverage only reinforces the notion in the audience's mind that Miz is a coward holding the IC title hostage. This storyline should not last too far past No Mercy, no later than Survivor Series, because Miz has lost his credibility. Soon, he'll lose the IC title, too, and deservedly so.

In 2016, there's no room for male prima-donna heels in WWE. Miz needs to learn that lesson yesterday.

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