Reaction Zone - This is how you deal with bullies

Ever since returning to WWE three weeks ago, Paige, along with her new running buddies, NXT call-ups Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose, collectively known as Absolution, have run roughshod over the women's division. Raw GM Kurt Angle hasn't been able to address the issue, but should, since the women fall under his jurisdiction, but he's got enough issues to deal with right now.

Last night, though, perhaps Absolution pressed the issue a little too much.

After Paige & Rose defeated Mickie James & Bayley, they attacked Alicia Fox offscreen to cancel her rematch with Asuka, deciding they would be the ones to take down the Empress of Tomorrow. Paige ran her mouth a little too long and too much, and just as she was about to hit Rampaige (cradle DDT) on Asuka, Sasha Banks led the charge out of the locker room. Suddenly, the odds no longer favored Absolution, and they fled like cowards.

This is what Uncreative should've done when the Shield first began running amok in 2012-13, but didn't. Better, then, to learn from past mistakes in a positive way. Paige has been claiming credit for the 2015 women's revolution, but the truth was, she was a beneficiary after current Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon introduced Banks, Charlotte Flair, & Becky Lynch to the Raw audience 2 years ago. Surprisingly, Stephanie, the Queen Bee of WWE, hasn't said or done anything on this matter yet, either. Maybe it's just as well.

Now, Absolution, and, presumably, the Riott Squad over on Smackdown if the same thing happens tonight, faces a united front. WCW tried this 20 years ago in an effort to give their babyfaces a chance vs. the nWo, but the politics involved there prevented any sort of proper resolution for another year or two.

Of course, there are also the rumors continuing of a possible women's Royal Rumble next month, which would spark up additional interest in the first of the Big 4 for 2018. What we're seeing with Absolution & the Riott Squad could be steps in that direction, and, well, it would be the right direction to take, to again show that in the 21st century, the women should be on equal ground with the men.

So what is next for Absolution, or, for that matter, the Riott Squad? Knowing Vince McMahon, progress in the angles will be slow on purpose, so we'll probably see the heel factions back on top next week, right before the Christmas show. And that's the wrong direction to take. Period.

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