Reaction Zone - Two failed leagues coming together? Only from one man's warped imagination

I'm sure you've read the news this week that WWE CEO/Chairman/Head Lunatic Vince McMahon sold a couple of million dollars worth of stock to finance a side project that, reportedly, will lead to the reformation of one of his most embarrassing failures.

You remember the XFL? McMahon's attempt at a post-Super Bowl pro football league to keep football junkies busy until the NFL Draft in the spring? Yeah, it crashed & burned in just 1 season, due largely to the media bias against McMahon during the Attitude Era, the apathy largely generated by New York media gadfly Phil Mushnick, who at the time was not only a columnist for the NY Post, which he still is, unfortunately, but also for TV Guide magazine, at the time a sister publication of the Post, meaning that at the time they were both owned by Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch has since sold TV Guide, thus taking Mushnick out of their pages.

Not long ago, there existed a smaller summer-fall league, the United Football League, which folded a year or three ago. Guess who just obtained a trademark for the UFL? You got it. McMahon. Seems he wants to bring the two failed leagues, the XFL & UFL, together under one roof. I know he's a little crackers at 72, but this is ridiculous.

Of course, there is the predictable speculation that McMahon is throwing a lifeline to his buddy, President Trump, who was a sports owner himself back in the 80's, owning the NY-NJ Generals of the USFL, which lasted three spring seasons (1984-6), to have the only man with a larger ego than his, not to mention the fact that Trump is also a 70-something man-child, if you go by the enormous amount of anti-Trump headlines you read on a daily basis.

Obviously, Vince hasn't yet figured out that even 17 years after the initial announcement of the XFL, there's still people out there that don't see the value of a McMahon-run league that would twist and stretch the boundaries of good taste in football. Face it, friends, this won't work any better than it did the first time, no matter how you dress it up.

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