Reaction Zone - When is a DQ not a DQ? When a coward crashes your match on purpose

I didn't watch Raw, and checked the results this morning. What I read in regards to the in-ring debut of "The Drifter", Elias Samson, disturbed me.

Samson was put in a non-title match vs. Intercontinental champ Dean Ambrose. The Miz, the Daffy Duck to Ambrose's Bugs Bunny, was on commentary with his wife, Maryse. That alone telegraphed what conceivably could happen----and did.

Miz ran down to the ring and attacked not Ambrose, but Samson, giving the newbie his first main roster win, but, in this writer's opinion, it should not count.

This is all about Daffy Mizizzle playing mind games with Ambrose leading to their title match at Extreme Rules, where the title could change hands on a DQ. I don't like the way this played out, folks, so let me fix it.

We open with Miz TV on the Memorial Day show. Miz decides to taunt Ambrose even further, but gets GM Kurt Angle instead. Angle finally figured out what Miz was doing, and decided that Samson shouldn't get his first win that way, so he's throwing the decision out, and Samson will be rematched vs. Ambrose later. However, this time, Miz cannot interfere, or he loses his title shot. Period. And, no, Maryse cannot get involved either, for the same reason. Angle also threatens to suspend the Mizanins for "malicious misconduct", citing Miz's recent antics. At Extreme Rules, to ensure an honest finish, Maryse is banned from the building, and cannot get involved. If she gets caught, she's suspended for 30 days.

This whole angle, pardon the pun, illustrates the plot holes that wind up in these storylines on a regular basis, due to Uncreative's lack of ability to finish a story correctly. Blame that, of course, on the man at the top.

Back to the story. Miz goes ballistic, even more so when Kurt orders him into a match vs. R-Truth. Ambrose won't get involved, since his match will precede Miz's.

Champ & challenger both win, of course, to set up the title match.

Miz, to me, has been goldbricking for the most part since Wrestlemania. I already explained my take on his departure from Smackdown, and I could have set it up where he'd be exiled back to the blue brand if he continued to take the lazy path. We know why Miz is being treated like he's special, when he really isn't. I've already gone over that. Trust me, though, he wouldn't last 5 minutes with his gimmick in my neck of the woods.

I just don't think Miz deserves to win the IC title again. Period. The only reason he's in this spot is spelled "Total Divas", you know. Come June 4, we'll find out how it all plays out.

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