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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of ROH Television.
Show Details
Show: ROH Television
Date: November 19, 2017
Location: Philadelphia PA
Commentary: Ian Riccoboni & Colt Cabana
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Matt Taven def. Jay White due to interference from the Kingdom.

2. Shane Taylor def. Cheeseburger.

3. Dalton Castle submitted Adam Page.

Detailed Results
1. Jay White vs. Matt Taven (w/The Kingdom).

I was prepared to actually enjoy this match. Unfortunately, ref Paul Turner never saw fit to eject TK O'Ryan and/or Vinny Marseglia, and so of course, they factored into the finish.

It was a very even bout, but, sadly, the numbers game came into play, as O'Ryan used a baseball bat to block a top rope move from White, allowing Taven to hit a super Climax off the top.

Winner: Matt Taven.

They threatened to chop off one of White's arms before the rest of Search & Destroy came down to make the save.

Let me put my fantasy booker cap on. I say, you send another ref down (Mike Posey or Todd Sinclair) to stooge off the Kingdom, with help from the fans, and you either get a reverse decision-DQ levied against Taven or his stooges are ejected, and the match continues.

2. Shane Taylor vs. Cheeseburger.

Protracted squash. 'Burger got a hope spot or two in, but that was all before Taylor finished him off.

Winner: Shane Taylor. Basically, they're resetting the field for a #1 contender's match for the TV title. Silas Young vs. Jon Gresham is next week, and Young cut a promo. Meanwhile, the Dawgs came down with less than $2 in a jar, hoping Taylor can inflict more punishment. Caprice Coleman's interview last week with Taylor set the stage for a face turn, and Taylor turns down the Dawgs, pouring the pennies on Will Ferrara's head.

3. Dalton Castle vs. Adam Page.

As Rev. Coleman was at ringside for the next match, Cody takes his place here. At this point, Page can do better than be a hitman for Bullet Club. Decent bout, and Sinclair takes a bump after Cody leaves the desk and pulls him from the ring after Castle hit Bang-a-Rang. The Boys are MIA, perhaps back in the dojo for repackaging, as Castle is now a solo act. Castle debuted an armbar submission as an alternate finisher, in answer to Cody's American Deathlock, and Page taps.

Winner: Dalton Castle.

Post-match, Cody confronted Castle, and teased a fight, but Page recovered and clipped Castle. They beat him down, and with Castle unconscious, Cody touched his ring to Castle's lips. Give me a break.

Other stuff: Flip Gordon recruited Coast to Coast to go after Bullet Club. Yeah, sure, get as many lower card JTTS to go after the cool guys. That's not going to end well. Too 1997 for my taste. Bully Ray cut a promo teasing again retirement. Joe Koff came out and accepted Bully's offer to stay on to help the younger guys. Then, Jay Briscoe showed up and taunted Bully. Tommy Dreamer and Velvet Sky showed up. Ray gets knocked down, and Velvet is attending to him before Jay chases her out. Here's Mark, who turns heel by low-blowing Tommy, and they hit a weak (because of Mark's arm injury) 3D on Bully. How soon can Devon take a break from WWE?

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