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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
Show Details
Show: Lucha Underground
Date: August 2, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Fenix def. Pindar.

2. Prince Puma def. Dante Fox.

3. Non-title: Johnny Mundo def. El Dragon Azteca, Jr..

Detailed Results
We open with Dario Cueto meeting with brother Matanza. Dario has a plate of red peppers, it looks like, but scolds Matanza for attacking him, claiming that Matanza's obsession with Rey Mysterio has made him weak. Hmm, that sounds familiar. The plate of peppers if left on the floor, and out of Matanza's reach. Uh-oh. And we find out that, well, Matanza is a demi-god, like Hercules. I think.

1. Cueto Cup quarter-finals: Fenix vs. Pindar (w/Kobra Moon).

Last chance for the reptile tribe, the last tribe in the tournament. Kobra gets involved just once, but it's insignificant in terms of the overall narrative. The camera, predictably, pans over to ring announcer Melissa Santos, Fenix's "girlfriend", cheering her man on from her position. Ultimately, Fenix takes down Pindar with a double knee strike off the top and moves on to the semi-finals.

Winner: Fenix.

Dario is now with the Worldwide Underground, save for Johnny Mundo. Jack Evans' jaw has been wired shut, and that's why he hasn't wrestled of late. This time, WU is banned from ringside for Mundo's non-title match vs. El Dragon Azteca, Jr.. The Gift of the Gods belt is being prepared for a new tournament, which seemingly is set to start next week. If WU gets involved in the Azteca-Mundo match, they're out of the tournament.....

2. Cueto Cup quarter-final: Dante Fox vs. Prince Puma.

I'm pretty sure that, as AR Fox & Ricochet, respectively, these two have met on the indy circuit quite a bit. Best match on the show. These two traded holds and counters. Fox went for the Fox Catcher way too early, and it cost him. Puma hit the 630 senton to advance.

Winner: Prince Puma.

Post-match, Killshot shows up and wipes out Fox with the One Winged Angel, then cuts a promo.

Puma & Fenix will meet in the semi-finals in 2 weeks.

Officer Reyes, aka Veneno, is in with Capt. Vasquez, who's reviewing Veneno's recent misfortune. Cage's killing of Councilman Delgado is now a police matter (DUH!), but Vasquez wants the gauntlet (DUH!). Reyes is convinced no man alive could take that from Cage. Hmmmm. Reyes leaves, and Vasquez pulls out her half of the amulet. Could a truce with Catrina & Mil Muertes be far behind?

3. Non-title: Johnny Mundo vs. El Dragon Azteca, Jr..

These two couldn't follow the last match, though they tried. Mundo emptied out most of the arsenal. Flash kick gets 2. C4 gets 2. Moonlight Drive is blocked. Azteca takes a week to climb to the top, so Mundo crotches him, then hits End of the World.

Winner: Johnny Mundo.

Post-match, Mundo decides to try to cripple Azteca. That, of course, draws Mysterio, who seemingly chases Mundo away. Rey's family is at ringside. Son Dominick, 12 years removed from appearing on Smackdown, is now about 20. He stands up to Mundo, who came back down, and that brings Rey right back out, and into a WU trap. Dom eats a belt shot. It's going to be so hot, you're going to need two air conditioners to cool off in 3 weeks time.

A rare "after the show" moment sees Fenix & Melissa in the parking lot, hand in hand, until Fenix gives Melissa a piggy back ride to the car. Marty Martinez looks on menacingly, and we get a tease of a hair vs. mask match that is very likely.....

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