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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
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Show: Lucha Underground
Date: August 30, 2017
Location: Los Angeles CA
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Son of Madness def. Mascarita Sagrada.

2. Marty Martinez def. Argenis.

3. Joey Ryan def. Sexy Star.

4. Son of Havoc def. Son of Madness.

Detailed Results
Quick results, since we're so late.

After a recap, the Cueto brothers meet in the dungeon. Dario admits he was wrong about Rey Mysterio, but not in the way you'd think. He gives Matanza his marching orders for Ultima Lucha Tres: Destroy Mysterio, in retaliation for Dario eating a 619 in the last episode. Well, Dario got what he deserved, but he'll never admit it.

1. Son of Madness vs. Mascarita Sagrada.

Squash. Sagrada rarely wins, and has been used as a JTTS, even after becoming pals with Son of Havoc. He wears his "cut" to the ring, which enrages SOM even more. A simple brainbuster ends this one.

Winner: Son of Madness.

Post-match, SOM decides to go after Sagrada even more, but then Havoc strikes, if you will. We get a pull apart, and Dario announcing a Boyle Heights Biker Brawl for an Aztec medallion as the main event. Meanwhile, Paul London takes Sagrada to the back...

2. Marty Martinez (w/Mariposa) vs. Argenis.

Martinez's obsession with Melissa Santos would have him in either an asylum or jail in the real world. As per usual, he looms over Melissa, flapping his "wings", with Mariposa by his side, as Melissa does the intros. Protracted squash. Argenis is another JTTS. Martinez begins ripping at the mask of Argenis during the match. Once outside, Argenis has to deal with Mariposa butting in. He juices. Marty with a double-underhook code breaker for the win.

Winner: Marty Martinez.

Post-match, Martinez takes the mask of Argenis, which, in Mexico, would result in Martinez getting the pin taken away, IMPO. He then addresses Melissa, and challenges Fenix to put up his mask. Fenix answers by driving Martinez from the ring. Fenix & Melissa cut a joint promo. Mask vs. hair, one of the oldest stip matches in Lucha Libre, at Ultima Lucha Tres.

3. Joey Ryan vs. Sexy Star.

Another web site commentator, taking current events into account, made it clear where he stood with Sexy, but we don't know the whole story about what happened at Triplemania in Mexico on August 26. Taya gets involved, mocking Sexy and her fans. Ryan with a superkick, and that is it.

Winner: Joey Ryan.

Post-match, Cortez Castro returns and chases Ryan out of the ring. After the break, he meets with Dario, and we get a 5-0 Streetfight for a medallion next week.

4. Son of Madness vs. Son of Havoc.

Like, did you really think Madness would win twice in one night? Of course not. A spectacular, fan interactive brawl ensues. Late in the match, SOM decides to pull a hammer from a tool box. Swing and a miss, twice. Strike three, though, is SOH with the Shooting Star Press.

Winner: Son of Havoc.

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