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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
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Show: Lucha Underground
Date: January 11, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Texano, Jr. def. Joey Ryan.

2. Cage def. Veneno.

3. Matanza Cueto def. El Dragon Azteca, Jr. via referee stoppage.

Detailed Results
El Dragon Azteca meets with Dario Cueto, who already has a guest in his office---Councilman Delgado. Azteca asks for, and is granted, a death match vs. Matanza. Be careful what you wish for, Azteca.....

Vampiro cuts a promo on Mil Muertes.

1. Texano, Jr. vs. Joey Ryan.

Decent opener. Ryan doesn't get many chances to compete. In fact, he's had fewer matches since coming in than anyone else on the roster. Matt Striker gets in the inevitable reference to Tom Selleck. Halfway, Famous B & Brenda come down, and FB is shooting his mouth off without a mic. I wonder what happened to Dr. Wagner, Jr.. Anyway, Ryan goes for the bullrope, but ends up playing tug of war with FB. Brenda hands Texano a horseshoe, and Ryan gets clocked behind the ref's back. Well, Texano started as a heel in LU.

Winner: Texano, Jr..

Post-match, FB is trying to take the credit, but Texano shoves him away. Seems to be more interested in Brenda. I wonder why.......

Johnny Mundo & friends are out, sans Taya. Self-congratulatory promo, coupled with contempt for people who "didn't believe" in Mundo from day 1. Of course, Mack comes out after more fat shaming, and takes out Jack Evans, PJ Black, and some security before cutting a counter-promo on Mundo.

2. Veneno vs. Cage.

Squash. Veneno might in fact be the former Cortez Castro under a new ID as hinted in the video montage that opened the show. However, after some early offense, the arachnid newcomer is routed after a Steiner Death Driver.

Winner: Cage.

Cage removed his new gauntlet, but after he put it back on, he shoved the ref, who backed off. Hmmm. Meanwhile, Sexy Star, thinking Veneno was the one who sent the tarantulas, beats him down.

Catrina & Prince Puma meet. Each has a vision of blood being spilled. Puma thinks it'll be Muertes. Catrina thinks otherwise, that it'll be Puma. Sounds like a first blood match may be on the horizon.

3. Matanza Cueto vs. El Dragon Azteca, Jr..

Azteca got his hope spots in early and often, but, like, did anyone not think they knew who was going over? I mean, come on! The climax saw the two battling in the bleachers, and Matanza chokeslammed Azteca over the bannister and to the floor. Ref Marty Elias calls for the bell without bothering to administer a 10 count.

Winner: Matanza Cueto via referee stoppage.

Post-match, Matanza goes berserk again, attacking fans, before Rey Mysterio, Jr. returns. The ensuing battle results in Matanza being sent through the roof of his brother's office, prompting Dario to send everyone home.

Our last tease for the 2nd half involves Marty Martinez and his continuing obsession with Melissa Santos. He's watching Melissa leave the arena, but is snatched as someone puts a hood over his head. He wakes up to find his estranged sister, Mariposa, has tied him up in the same way they had bound Sexy Star at the end of season 1. Marty seems to like it, and Mari thinks Marty has finally grown up and gotten her attention. I don't know about that part.

Lucha Underground, season 3, will return in the summer.

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