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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
Show Details
Show: Lucha Underground
Date: July 26, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Texano def. the Mack due to interference from Famous B.

2. Pentagon Dark def. Drago.

3. Rey Mysterio, Jr. def. P. J. Black.

Detailed Results
The quarter-finals of the Cueto Cup end this week with 2 remaining 2nd round matches.

1. The Mack vs. Texano, Jr..

A very even opener between two of the biggest men left in the field. Unfortunately, the ref gets bumped down. Mack is poised to end it, but Famous B shows up, unbeknownst to Texano. A squirt gun does nothing but raise Mack's ire, and Famous eats a stunner. Sells it better than most people on the roster, save maybe ex-WWE guys like Johnny Mundo & Rey Mysterio. Unfortunately, Texano wakes up just in time as Famous flops to the floor. Sitout powerbomb, and Mack is gone.

Winner: Texano, Jr..

Ok, I get they want to continue the Famous B-Texano angle, but I hate it when you do something like that, and have an innocent party get screwed.

2. Pentagon Dark vs. Drago (w/Kobra Moon).

The question here is if Drago can join Pindar in the final 8. The answer, unfortunately, is no. Kobra, as usual, does nothing more than give orders to Drago. Pentagon hit a Mexican Destroyer for 2. Comes back with a running package piledriver to end it.

Winner: Pentagon Dark.

Just when it looks like Drago will have an arm broken, Kobra Moon tries to stop it, and eats a superkick. Then Aero Star (yes, it's two words, after all) shows up, and ends up getting his wing broken as Drago and Kobra escape.

Backstage, Pentagon runs into Catrina. Seems Pentagon and Mil Muertes are on the same side of the bracket, and Catrina warns that Mil is coming for Pentagon. Meanwhile, Son of Havoc is at a bar, probably the same one where we saw Brenda & Texano the other week, and Son of Madness shows up. Meh, nothing's settled here. Elsewhere, The rabbit tribe are playing checkers, with Saltador as the checkerboard. Paul London beats Mala Suerte. Then, Mascarita Sagrada shows up with a big box. It's an old vaudeville joke come to life as the box reveals one tiny rabbit's foot. Ha.

3. P. J. Black vs. Rey Mysterio,Jr..

I think these two met in WWE, when Black was Justin Gabriel. Anyway, what offense the Darewolf offers is negated by Mysterio, and on top of that, the rest of Worldwide Underground, save for "intern" Ricky Mandel, get involved. El Dragon Azteca, Jr., who was screwed over the WU in the first round, comes out to get revenge, and chases them off with a chair. That spells the end for Black, as Rey recovers, hits the 619, and a springboard frog splash to end the WU's chances of winning the tournament.

Winner: Rey Mysterio, Jr..

Post-match, Rey cuts a promo on Mundo in English & Spanish. Money. Quarter-finals start next week, and Ultima Lucha Tres starts August 23.

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