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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
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Show: Lucha Underground
Date: June 14, 2017
Location: Los Angeles CA
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

Cueto Cup tournament results:

1. Mack def. Mala Suerte.

2. Pentagon Dark def. Argenis.

3. Texano def. Famous B.

4. Drago def. Aerostar.

Detailed Results
Sorry about the delay with this week's report.

The pre-show montage recaps key storylines pertinent to this episode. All the matches are 1st round bouts in the Cueto Cup tournament.

Dario Cueto is putting the brackets together in his office when Pentagon Dark shows up. The Black Lotus Triad is gone, having "gone back to Hong Kong". Well, one of them for sure won't be back anytime soon, having signed with WWE. Cueto enters Pentagon in the tournament. Pentagon threatens to break Cueto's bones if he doesn't win.

1. Mala Suerte vs. The Mack.

Haven't seen any of the Rabbit tribe win a match yet, and this is no different. Suerte, however, stays with Mack for much of the match, matching Mack hold for hold. Vampiro namechecks Thumper ("Bambi"), since Suerte certainly isn't Bugs Bunny, if you get my drift. Mack hits the Pounce, then the Stunner, to advance.

Winner: The Mack.

Dario meets with Cage, who gets sent to meet Councilman Lawrence Delgado......

2. Pentagon Dark vs. Argenis.

Not the squash you'd think it'd be. Argenis had his arm broken once before, so revenge is on his mind, but while he gained a few near falls, it wasn't enough. Pentagon with the Zero Fear Driver (a side version of the Blue Thunder bomb) for 2, but ends it with the package piledriver.

Winner: Pentagon Dark.

Naturally, Argenis gets his arm "broken" again.

3. Texano vs. Famous B. (w/Brenda).

Brenda's got a cowboy hat going, but she's no Trish Stratus. Famous doesn't want to fight, the lazy fool. Lays down, and Texano gets 2, but then decides to earn it and ends the squash with a sitout powerbomb.

Winner: Texano.

Vidpack on Johnny Mundo vs. Rey Mysterio. If my math is correct, and there are supposedly 40 episodes this season, season 3 will end October 3.

4. Drago (w/Kobra Moon) vs. Aerostar.

Speaking of lazy heels, that brings us to Kobra, who refused to compete last week. Anyplace else, and the trios titles don't change hands under proper management. Not on the level of previous meetings between the former friends. Kobra interferes twice. I say, throw the managers out of the arena during tournament matches. Doesn't have much effect on the finish. Aerostar tried the Dragon's Lair, and got 2, but Drago uses to same hold, or a variation of same, to end it.

Winner: Drago.

A couple of Kobra-mandated cheap shots after would get Drago kicked out of the tournament anywhere else, but, meh.

Cage reports to Boyle Heights City Hall, which I doubt really exists (I don't know LA that well), and meets with a clean shaven Delgado (Lorenzo Lamas). Cage told Cueto earlier, and reiterates to Delgado that he doesn't like the idea of working for Delgado. Delgado claims Cage can't take off the gauntlet. Yes, he can, we've seen it before. Story error! Delgado says the wrong thing after Cage nearly strangled him, and the last image we see is Cage pulling his gauntleted hand back after a punch, having pulped Delgado's head. Steps on what looks to be an eyeball as we fade out.

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