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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
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Show: Lucha Underground
Date: June 29, 2016
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. King Cuerno def. Mil Muertes.

2. Prince Puma def. Dragon Azteca, Jr..

3. Johnny Mundo def. Fenix.

Detailed Results
Sorry this is late, but I've been busy. Plus, I had to calm down after this show.......

1. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) vs. King Cuerno.

As Matt Striker is quick to point out, both are rudos, or heels, but some fans are siding with Muertes against the smaller, more athletic Cuerno. It's just a matter of who takes the last shortcut. Cuerno hit the Arrow From The Depths of Hell, but that led to a ref bump on the floor. After an exchange of chair shots, Cuerno rolls up Muertes and grabs the ropes for leverage.

Winner: King Cuerno.

Later, Catrina, ah, persuades Dario Cueto to grant a rematch, specifically, a death match, for Ultima Lucha Dos. Sounds like that could be another two part show.

2. Prince Puma vs. Dragon Azteca, Jr. (w/Rey Mysterio, Jr.).

Seems Puma and Mysterio will have at it in Ultima Lucha Dos, but to get there, the former champion must first face the rookie, who gets Black Lotus at ULD. Best match on the show. Seems they may be looking at turning Puma heel rather slowly, or not at all. Wouldn't be surprised. It again comes down to one thing. This time, the last mistake. Puma capitalizes on an error by Azteca, and hits the 630 senton.

Winner: Prince Puma.

Dario has Texano, Cage, The Mack, and Son of Havoc, in the ring. A unique opportunity match awaits at ULD. Cage ends up being the last man in the ring as we go to break.....

Matt & Vampiro ran down the card earlier, and Matt gets in a "Super Friends" reference as Drago, Fenix, & Aerostar will face the "World Wide Underground"---trios champs Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, & P. J. Black---at ULD. But, first, Fenix & Mundo will go in our main event. Also at ULD, Taya vs. Ivelisse.

3. Fenix vs. Johnny Mundo (w/Taya).

This is where the format of Lucha Underground hurts it, instead of helping. Taya interferes frequently, doesn't get punished. Anywhere else, if she got caught, she'd be ejected within 5:00. Instead of using the End of the World finisher, Mundo takes the lazy way to winning, hitting Fenix with a chair behind the back of the referee.

Winner(?): Johnny Mundo.

Evans & Black come down after, and it's 4 on 1 before Drago, Aerostar, & Ivelisse come down to even the sides. I'm all for video replay overturning this decision......

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