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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
Show Details
Show: Lucha Underground
Date: September 20, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Dante Fox def. Texano, Jr..

2. Mariposa & Marty Martinez def. Fenix & Melissa Santos. Martinez pinned Santos.

3. Gift of the Gods title: Pentagon Dark pinned Paul London and Son of Havoc pinned Mala Suerte. Saltadora, Drago, & Cortez Castro rounded out the field.

Detailed Results
The final show before the 4-part Ultima Lucha Tres, and there isn't a whole lot to be hoping for here.

1. Texano, Jr. vs. Dante Fox.

Famous B is doing the ring announcing this week since Melissa Santos has her first match in the Temple coming later. Brenda is the timekeeper. Both she & Famous are still selling the broken arms at the hands of Pentagon Dark. FB is just terrible here, as it's obvious he's out to screw over Texano for turning him down.

Decent opener, deserved a better finish. Texano gets a near fall, and Famous thinks the match is over. This distraction allows Fox to come back with a schoolboy for the win.

Winner: Dante Fox.

Once again, Fox wins due to outside help. Texano is ready to finally give Famous what he deserves, but Dario Cueto puts a stop to that since he needs Famous for the rest of the night. Texano-Famous next week, but if Famous wins, he gets what he wants, and that Texano as a client. Problem is, as viewers already know, Texano is now with Impact/Global Force.

Earlier, we saw Melissa training with Fenix. She's got some skills after all, but what they won't tell you is that she used to be with Women of Wrestling (WOW), David McLane's post-GLOW promotion, which revived not long ago. She wants to see Fenix without his mask, but you know the drill. One long makeout session later......

2. Mariposa & Marty Martinex vs. Fenix & Melissa Santos.

Yep, Matt Striker & Vampiro have to sell the lie that Melissa is a rookie in the ring. As such, Fenix carries the offense for his side for much of the bout. Melissa gets in, and they hit a couple of double superkicks on the "siblings". Unfortunately, Mariposa ties Fenix to the bottom rope. One double-team pedigree later, and Melissa ends up on the losing end.

Winners: Mariposa & Marty Martinez.

In real life, Melissa, like Maryse in WWE, is expecting her first child. The father? No, not Fenix, but Cage! Anyway, in the post match, Marty had brought his lunchbox, and decides to cut some of Melissa's hair as a trophy. Fenix gets free and makes the save. I'll have something more to say in the Reaction Zone.

Earlier, Son of Havoc & Pentagon Dark both told Dario they were going to win the Gift of the Gods match after placing their medallions on the belt. Oh, if they only knew how this would turn out.......

3. Gift of the Gods title: Pentagon Dark vs. Son of Havoc vs. Drago vs. Cortez Castro vs. the Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, Saltadora, & Mala Suerte).

Fun main event, to take the stink off the last match. Cueto had sent for the medics in case Pentagon carried out his threat to break everyone else's arms. The Rabbits brought the comedy, but not Mascarita Sagrada. Good back and forth among the seven, but to the surprise of no one, a Rabbit ended up doing the job. Actually, two of them did, as Pentagon hit the package piledriver on London, and SOH landed the shooting star press (London's finisher) on Suerte.

Winners: Pentagon Dark and Son of Havoc.

Since only one man can be the Gift of the Gods champion, a ladder match was announced by Cueto to decide the champion. You hope that would be next week.

After the credits roll, Dario meets with Agent Winter in the limo. What we get from this is the 3-way I suspected might happen: Cage/Jeremiah Crane/Mil Muertes for the gauntlet.

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