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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of Lucha Underground.
Show Details
Show: Lucha Underground
Date: September 21, 2016
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Commentary: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. LU title: Matanza Cueto def. The Mack.

2. Cage def. Texano, Jr..

3. LU trios titles: Aerostar, Fenix, & Drago def. Worldwide Underground when Aerostar pinned P. J. Black.

Detailed Results
We open with Rey Mysterio & El Dragon Azteca, Jr. in a training exercise. Looks like we're headed for another feud between Rey-Rey and long time nemesis/frenemy Chavo Guerrero, Jr., as he shows up and disrupts things.

In the temple, Dario Cueto spins his Dial of Doom, and Matanza's next opponent is The Mack. I think Dario was thinking of Mark Morrison's late 90's one-hit wonder.......

1. LU title: Matanza Cueto vs. The Mack.

Before Mack is even announced by Melissa Santos, Matanza leaves the ring to meet his opponent, who goes on the offensive immediately, including hitting a stunner on the floor. So much for the offense. Mack went for a top-rope splash, but Matanza got the knees up, and hit Wrath of the Gods to retain.

Winner: Matanza Cueto.

Predictably, Johnny Mundo and Worldwide Underground are in Dario's office, and Johnny is demanding he get his shot. Dario denies the request, but Worldwide Underground is owed a rematch for the trios titles. Johnny isn't interested, but Taya is willing to take his place, or at least find someone else.......

Mascarita Sagrada is chilling with Son of Havoc at the latter's abode, and both are getting queasy over Famous B's lame commercials. I guess Havoc's due a rematch with Dr. Wagner, Jr., or FB will come out of retirement......

2. Texano, Jr. vs. Cage.

Dario says an ultimate opportunity awaits the winner. Sure, it does, coming from a snake oil salesman like Dario. Pretty even big man match, and apparently, Cage wasn't willing to use Weapon X on a man he considers a friend. Instead, a discus lariat ends it.

Winner: Cage.

Post-match, Dario announces what he should've said at the beginning, that this is a best-of-5. Well, we know it'll go the distance, won't it? Texano & Cage fist-bump out of respect after.

El Dragon Azteca wants Pentagon Dark, but Dario prefers to have Black Lotus face him in a rematch from Ultima Lucha Dos, except that Lotus is "in Hong Kong". Reluctantly, Dario grants Azteca his request.......

3. LU trios titles: Aerostar, Fenix, & Drago vs. Worldwide Underground (Jack Evans, PJ Black, & Taya).

The story of this match was the teasing of dissension among the former champs, as Evans was having issues with Black. Taya was forced to play peacemaker for her partners to keep things together. As it ends up, Black ends up the designated jobber, pinned by Aerostar.

Winners: Aerostar, Fenix, & Drago.

Mundo finally comes out and initiates a 4-on-3 sore loser assault until Sexy Star, returning the favor from 2 weeks ago, makes the save. Either that 8-person tag is finally coming, or something else is going down.

Dario meets with Mysterio, who signs on as guest ref for Azteca vs. Pentagon next week.

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