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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of ROH Television.
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Show: ROH Television
Date: April 24, 2016 (tape date Feb. 19)
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Commentary: Kevin Kelly & Mr. Wrestling 3 (Steve Corino)(in an American studio)
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Naito & Jay Lethal def. Yoshi Hashi & Kazuchika Okada when Lethal pinned Hashi.

2. Non-title: Kushida submitted Frankie Kazarian.

3. The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega def. reDRagon & Shibata when Omega pinned Kyle O'Reilly.

Detailed Results
Part 2 of Honor Rising.

1. Yoshi Hashi & Kazuchika Okada vs. Naito & Jay Lethal.

The then-IWGP champion (who has since lost the title to Naito) and the ROH champ in the same ring at the same time. Too bad it isn't a singles match. Truth Martini's Book of Truth has a Japanese cover, but pretty much the same lame gaga. Being that this was in Japan, you'd think that there wouldn't be a screwjob finish of any kind, but that's exactly what we got, the first of two on this card, as Evil (formerly Takkako Watanabe) interfered with Hashi, leading to the Lethal Injection.

Winners: Naito & Jay Lethal.

Post-match, it appeared that the HOT & Naito's group were forming a trans-continental alliance. Please. The timing of airing this episode after Martini had been written out was just poor.

2. Non-title: Kushida vs. Frankie Kazarian.

No Christopher Daniels at ringside, which is a plus. Best match on the show, as it was the only one not to have a screwjob finish. Very even match, back & forth action virtually from the go. Kushida ended it by submitting Kazarian with the Hoverboard Lock.

Winner: Kushida.

Mark Briscoe on the streets of Tokyo, looking for Godzilla?!? He has a future in comedy, alright. I know he acts the part of a goof, but, seriously?

3. The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega vs. reDRagon & Shibata.

I used to think the Japanese promotions were above using American gimmicks, like the nWo-inspired Bullet Club. Unfortunately, the Club has struck the same kind of chord with a certain demographic group like the nWo did in its formation 20 years ago. That said, these kind of gimmicks are never going to go away. What was a very even match skewed in the Bullet Club's direction after one of the Bucks used hair spray (a ream usually reserved for women's matches) on Kyle O'Reilly, leading to Omega hitting the One Winged Angel. Sorry, Kenny, but we've got someone in Lucha Underground who hits it better than you do.

Winners: The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega.

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