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Match-by-match results and television rating of this edition of ROH Television.
Show Details
Show: ROH Television
Date: March 12, 2017
Location: Pittsburgh PA
Commentary: Ian Riccoboni & company
Reported By: Jacob Gilbert
TV Rating:

Quick Results

1. Non-title; The Young Bucks def. Coast-to-Coast.

2. Curt Stallion def. Preston Quinn.

3. Dalton Castle def. Jonathan Gresham.

4. BJ Whitmer & Damian Martinez def. War Machine.

Detailed Results
1. Non-title: The Young Bucks vs. Coast-to-Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali).

Color analyst: Alex Shelley.

They're still trying to push Coast-to-Coast as something special, but they rarely win. They're kind of like the Bravado Brothers who used to pass through here a few years back. Suffice to say, this was treated more like a protracted squash, even with a commercial break, because it took just a couple of minutes after the break before this was over. St. Giovanni, now being billed as simply LSG for whatever reason, was abused like a rented goalie, as Keith Olbermann used to say on ESPN. The Bucks didn't bother with More Bang For Your Buck, but rather, St. Giovanni was pinned after a hanging 450.

Winners: The Young Bucks.

Post-match, the Bucks sent a message to the Hardys by using the Twist of Fate (Matt) & the Swanton (Nick) on Ali. As it happened, shortly after this show was taped, the Bucks dropped the tag titles to the Hardys in New York.

2. Top Prospect, 1st round: Preston Quinn vs. Curt Stallion.

Facially, Stallion looks like the kid that played Young Macho Man in a Slim Jim's ad 20 years ago. No, seriously. Quinn is a veteran hoping to use the tournament as a springboard, much like older singers have used "The Voice" or "America's Got Talent" to win a fresh generation of fans. Quinn, unfortunately, was so focused on playing to the crowd, that he missed a Macho Man style elbow drop. Stallion with a running headbutt for the upset. Even Brutal Bob Evans was stunned.

Winner: Curt Stallion.

Ian Riccoboni interviewed Lio Rush after footage of Rush swerving the Rebellion aired last week. Kenny King interrupted, setting up a match for next week.

3. Dalton Castle (w/the Boys) vs. Jonathan Gresham.

Shorter than it had any right to be. Evans left Shelley and Riccoboni at the desk for this one. Gresham tried out-wrestling Castle, but couldn't out-muscle him. Gresham tried a cross-body, but Castle caught him in a bear hug, then transitioned to Bang-a-Rang.

Winner: Dalton Castle.

Marty Scurll promo, hyping Supercard of Honor. The British always get it right.

4. War Machine vs. BJ Whitmer & Damian Martinez.

Color analyst: Mark Briscoe.

Kevin Sullivan appears to be gone, now that Steve Corino has left. That means the Whitmer-Martinez team may not be long for this world. A classic brawl that went all over the place. Martinez landed a tope that had Briscoe invoking the name of the Undertaker. Well, similar size and build, it makes sense. Wouldn't be surprised if Martinez is on WWE's radar. Hanson set up a table in the ring. Expect more of that now that Bully Ray's in ROH. Went for a superplex, but Martinez blocked and hit the chokeslam through the table.

Winners: BJ Whitmer & Damian Martinez.

Post-match, Martinez turned on Whitmer and hit the chokeslam. Well, can't say I didn't warn you.

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